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Update from the Weeks

We miss y’all a ton! We’re so glad for Facebook, the Herald, and Tommy’s “Tidbits” because they keep us up-to-date with news from Lexington. We are (just to name a few examples) glad that Don is recovering well from his knee replacement and we were so thrilled to hear of the birth of Steven and Lindsey Clem’s new baby!

By the time you read this, Emily and I will be just weeks away from finishing our year of language study (yay!) and for the past few months we have been hammering out details for our move to Nekempte (our ministry site). We have been meeting with teammates, the Ethiopian leaders we work with, and visiting other ministries around Ethiopia so that we can move forward strategically. The plan is to find a piece of land just outside of the town of Nekempte where we will pilot Income Generating Projects, set up a training center, and build a traditional-ish house (typical wood and mud construction with some “western flare”).

These Income Generating Projects help support new church plants and the national pastors we work with. Our team already has a few underway and we are continually fielding ideas from our churches for new IGA’s that they would like to start. Emily and I are excited to be able to turn our attention to this full-time. In November, we will be “full steam ahead” with getting set up for this work in Nekempte.

Please pray for this transition! We have always known that our being here in Addis Ababa would be temporary; nevertheless, we built a life here. We know our way around. We set up a house. We’ve made friends. And now we’re getting ready to uproot again and start over in another completely new place. We look forward to this, but we know it’s going to take everything we’ve got and a lot of leaning on God.

Thank you for being so good to Emily, Clare, and me. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without you!

Travis, Emily, & Clare Weeks

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