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Missions Moment – Jonathan & Jubi Williams

The Missions Ministry Team recently received a summer update from Jonathan and Jubi Williams, our missionaries who serve at the Forefront Brooklyn (NY) church.
Forefront Brooklyn church was launched in the fall of 2012. The 13 week average attendance on Sunday mornings this summer is holding steady at 167 with a high of 200 on July 20, 2014. Jonathan writes that “we thank God for those numbers in summer!” Summer activities include small groups spending time in Brooklyn serving at food pantries, dishing out meals with Brooklyn Jubilee, experiencing movies together in Brooklyn Bridge Park and more. The church sent six teenagers and two adults on a CIY Summer Retreat to Salisbury, Maryland. On the church’s June 21, 2014 day of service more than 105 people took great care of their neighbors in eleven different community gardens, women’s shelters, soup kitchens, and other community organizations. Overall, the church family had an incredible day helping to bring about renewal and restoration throughout the city.
While the church families create great community by enjoying summer activities together in Brooklyn, challenges continue. The Sunday family ministry needs volunteers. New members and coaches are needed to step up and embrace the mission and vision of the Kidstuff ministry this fall. Jonathan, now serving as Senior Pastor of the new church, continues to learn his role in that capacity, and the church continues to search for a new Location Pastor and Community Director.
The Williams request that the TCCC family pray for clarity and peace as changes and transition continue and as the church prepares for an increase in attendance this fall. Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak clearly as Jonathan leads a giving and tithing series during October.
Jonathan and Jubi and their two daughters, Asha and Lyla, thank the TCCC family for joining them on this journey and for faithful support and encouragement.

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