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I Pledge Allegiance

Give to the Lord, O heavenly beings
Give to the Lord glory and power
Give to the Lord the glory due His name
Bow down to the Lord in His holy grandeur
Psalm 29:1-2

Psalm 29 begins with a striking declaration, directed right at the heavenly host. Every heavenly being is told to bow down and give their strength and glory to the Lord. This act of worship is not simply acknowledging God’s greatness and glory, but they are told to lay down their personal strength and glory at the Lord’s feet and surrender themselves to His reign. Worship is not simply an act of acknowledgement, but we are laying ourselves down to God.
The rest of the psalm describes in vivid pictures how the Lord’s power and majesty are seen in the storm passing through. His voice thunders through the wind, lightning flashes, and He sits above the stormy chaos. As the mighty cedars of Lebanon sway and are broken, and as the ground itself trembles at His voice, the Lord sits above it all enthroned as the only mighty king of all.
Our students today are bombarded by people, organizations, and even culture, each one of them looking for more and more people to pledge allegiance to them and their values. Some of them are clearly bad and hurtful, and others are not so clear. Sports, technology, the arts, friends, school, even family clamor for allegiance. And while all of these are worthwhile, there is only one great and glorious God who is worthy of our worship and allegiance.
So take some time to pray for our students today. Pray for them to be given clarity from the Spirit in how to order their lives in a world that increasingly wants to divide their lives and exploit them. And this Sunday in worship, let’s lay down our strength and glory to God alone.

Brad Haggard

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