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“I Have Not Forgotten.”

Several nights ago the movie “Saving Private Ryan” was on TV and I watched again a small portion of it. I say a portion of it, because I was very quickly reminded of how startling a movie it was. I saw it first at the theater several years ago, and the scenes on the television set quickly reminded me of how hard it had been to watch the first time. For those who have never seen it, the story was about the extraordinary sacrifices made to save one US soldier in the European theater of World War II. I remember when I saw it for the first time, I realized the depth of sacrifice my father and his generation made to ensure our nation’s freedom. My father spent 18 months in a military hospital at the end of the war and throughout my childhood steadfastly refused to talk of his war experiences. He would never talk about them because he didn’t want me to have to experience what he had experienced, but sometimes at night he would cry out in his sleep from the nightmares that haunted him. The movie helped me understand, helped me appreciate like I never had before, the sacrifices that were made for me, and the brief time I watched the television broadcast rekindled that appreciation. Again, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the movie a second time because of the intensity and reality of the portrayal of sacrifice, but since that night I have thought of how each Lord’s Day we participate in a remembrance. When Jesus first instituted it in the upper room He gave us emblems which would remind us of his sacrifice without forcing us to view the horrible event over and over again. Simple, ordinary, yet profoundly illustrative emblems. At the end of the movie, now gray haired and aged, a man named Ryan stands at a simple white tombstone amidst hundreds of other like tombstones in a beautiful and peaceful military cemetery and remembers the one who sacrificed all for his salvation. He’s made the long journey there with his family because he wanted to say he’d never forgotten. Each Lord’s Day we have a beautiful setting to return to in order to remember the one who gave all for our salvation and, like Ryan, we come to say “I have not forgotten.”

Kim Beckwith

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