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Grant & Pam Bolt are Making a Difference

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 18 and your family has been a part of the ministry at Tates Creek Christian Church for several years there is a good chance that you know who Grant and Pam Bolt are. Together they have a contagious personality and a love to serve the Lord, and when you have done life or mission trips with the Bolts you know your life on earth has been blessed by knowing them.
When Miss Judy Clark was the preschool director, Pam worked tirelessly in the Critterland area. Then, when her daughter Lauren moved to the Elementary area she knew it was time for a change in scenery. She began working with Tyler Johnson and then transitioned in ministry when my family and I came in 2010. In Pam’s many roles she loves to make people feel welcome to the church as a greeter, encourage children and families through training with special needs children, and help keep things stay organized in Uptown. In fact, Pam’s behind the scenes stuff hasn’t stopped there. She has also served as a financial organizer for the Liberian mission team. Pam also loves serving the Lord with her ladies’ circle and in her full time role with Fayette County Schools.
Grant, on the other hand, has served as a deacon and news anchor host for Uptown’s series of WGOD News. However, in the last couple years Grant has been really making a difference for the children in the orphanage in Liberia. He traveled with the construction team in 2012 and worked mostly on building the playground. When the team returned to Liberia this year, Grant was the co-leader of the team! Now he joins several others in a new mission group called Psalm 82:3 Mission to financially and spiritually support the orphanage. Grant carries his passion to love others into his workplace where he served as General Manager for Milwards Funeral Home, but will soon be co-owner in the Johnson Funeral home in Georgetown.
Thanks for always being such an encouragement to me and so many others at TCCC! Grant and Pam Bolt, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

Matt Lee

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