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Summer Time

The transition of our contemporary worship service from the MMC to the Worship Center really went great the first week. I am very thankful for such a great group of volunteers who have helped me make it happen logistically. I am also very thankful for a church leadership that sees the value of having a contemporary service and had the vision a few years ago to start one. I am thankful that they have been willing to be flexible and truly use this wonderful church building to reach as many people as possible across five generations. Wow!
I’d like to take a minute to update you on the recent history of the contemporary service or what
we like to call “The Vine”
(John 15:5). The Lord has really been using the folks in our church to reach out to friends and neighbors and invite people to church. It seems that every single week I see new faces in the seats worshipping with us. This is happening in every single service. The contemporary service has grown from an average attendance of around 110-115 a couple years back, to an average of nearly 200 over the last six weeks. The Lord is working through our church to take his word, his love, and his message to the lost in our city. All praise and glory and honor to Him!
I am excited to see where the future takes Tates Creek Christian Church. I believe that as we continue to submit to His leading, the Lord is going to use us to reach people who do not yet know Him. I am really excited to be part of a church body that values people of all ages and is so devoted to teaching God’s word. There are so many people whose hearts have yet to be won over by the overwhelming love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May we be the bearers of His message to the lost and dying here in Lexington and to the world. And may we be ever diligent in that endeavor! I think C.S. Lewis said it well when he said,
“A church is the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of non-members.” – C. S. Lewis

Mike Allen

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