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“What If..”

The daily news we hear about an ever more sinful world is truly alarming. We see videos on TV of Christians being brutally killed by Islamic terrorists, groups trying to remove Bibles from American hotels, elimination of Christian values from schools, and atheists demanding prayer be silenced. Yet we are certain that Christ will return someday soon.
All these hateful groups have one problem in common–they are missing the salvation and peace that can only come from knowing the true Messiah, the risen Jesus Christ.

What if we can help more people in Lexington, and around the United States, find salvation and peace through Christ?

What if we can make Tates Creek Christian Church an even greater source of hope and strength for families?

In John 6:36-40 Jesus gives us three great promises…
1. The Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in
him shall have eternal life
2. Jesus will never drive away anyone seeking him
3. Jesus will lose none of all those he has been given, but raise them up at
the last day

What if we can let more people know about these three promises?

My wife Jan and I would ask each of you to prayerfully consider supporting the Tates Creek Christian Church Stewardship Campaign.
We also ask that you give to the campaign as God enables you. This amount would be above your normal giving level. Yes, that means sacrifice. Additionally, everyone is at different points of faith and financial ability. As within any family that divides the chores, we don’t expect everyone to give the same amount. Some will be able to give more and others less. While we all can’t give the same amount, we can all share sacrificially and give as God has given to us.
May the Lord richly bless you in every area of life as we strive to let more people enjoy the salvation and grace of the risen Savior, Christ Jesus!

Greg Kasten

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