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Teamwork Makes a Difference!

Ecclesiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their work”

When I left for Liberia on July 11th our church body was in the process of collecting donations to cover the cost of 250 backpacks for children at Julius Marks Elementary. We chose to try a different method this year to get more individuals directly involved. This method included asking for donations of $10 for each backpack. At Impact VBS we had collected around $750. This was well short of the $2,500 needed.
Nearly a week before departure, the Servants for Christ class had come up with some ideas and they were excited to lead the charge while I was gone. They shared with Sunday School classes and individuals about the need. To get to this many people directly could only be done with a team, as we are blessed with MANY classes at TCCC. To be honest, I was excited to see how God would provide through His people upon our return from Africa.
The class worked together, shared the vision and the need with classes and individuals, and at some point the flood gates opened wide! Danny Branham and I would conference with each other about how God was meeting the needs through his people. It seemed that every call I received from him was of pure amazement. When the counting was finished more than $4,200 had been given. WOW! When we finally placed the order for the supplies the price had changed to $13 per backpack, but the money was already there! In fact the basic needs were met through the faithfulness of his people, extra supplies (like science boards) were purchased, and a special devotional gift for each teacher was also purchased! Finally, on August 6th we gathered to pack the 250 backpacks! At 6:05 PM nearly 75 people began packing, writing more notes, and loading the backpacks into the bus. The final backpack reached the bus at 6:23 PM! 18 minutes!!!
This was the third year in a row our church body has united together to supply our partner school with backpacks. Each year a different method, but always the same goal. I guess it makes a dreamer wonder… what would happen if we worked together like this all the time?

Matt Lee

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