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God at Just the Right Time

How many times have we encountered a problem in our marriage, trouble with our finances, or difficulties with raising our children, and needed some voice in the immediate aftermath to offer us clear, Godly encouragement?

How many times have these issues popped up in our lives, but the church’s planned Bible study on the topic is weeks or months away?

The fact is, life’s problems generally don’t follow the church’s calendar, do they? They pop up when we least expect it. Thus, as leaders in the church, we feel it is extremely important to equip every member of the congregation with the resources they need to persevere through the expected and unexpected events of life…resources we can utilize beyond just Sundays and Wednesdays.
Often times, the resources or encouragement we need “in the moment” come as a trusted Christian friend, a phone call with a Sunday School teacher or Small Group leader, an appointment with a minister or Elder, or simply reading our Bible and praying. These conversations with others and with God are tremendous in our time of need.
We also live in a time with unprecedented access to the Bible and other Christian resources online. That is why I am so excited about our trial period this fall with RightNow Media. It puts some of the best Christian resources where we need it, when we need it. It can be accessed via computer, mobile device, Smart TV, Roku, or Apple TV. And it is all provided to you by TCCC. If you have not yet received your email invitation from me to set up your free RightNow Media account, please contact me at nic@tatescreek.org to let me know.
Regardless of which biblical tools you utilize to help you through life’s challenges, please know that these, and many others, are there to help you experience God at just the right time.

Nic Skinner

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