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News from the Weeks in Ethiopia

For people like Emily and me who have ministry jobs, oftentimes, opportunities to serve don’t fall within our stated job descriptions. This puts us in company with the rest of the Body of Christ – you’re all called to live out your faith outside of work, so it is with us.
In January we moved into a house on a seminary campus in Addis Ababa. The main reason we chose to live here is because it put us within a five-minute walk of our language school. What we didn’t realize was that living here would also present us with opportunities to help some of the students we’ve been able to become friends with.
One of these students is Gatwech. He’s very smart, very humble, and has an amazing story. He is one of Sudan’s “Lost Boys.” Because of fighting in his home village (and after hearing that his family had been killed), he fled the country when he was young. He ended up in southern Ethiopia and was taken in by a Christian woman. This woman opened her home to him, raised him, and shared her faith with him. For years, Gatwech has wanted to return to his home area in South Sudan to make an impact there for the Kingdom of God.
Gatwech is a student on the campus where we live and has been worshiping with our house church. When fighting in South Sudan broke out again a few months ago, his wife and eighteen-month old daughter had to flee the country. Our house church was able to help them get here safely and set up in a house.
Gatwech is spending this month in a refugee camp in southern Ethiopia with thousands of his South Sudanese brothers and sisters. As a cultural insider, he is there to encourage them and to collect data that will help aid agencies serve the refugees better. Our house church helped make this trip possible.
I say all this to say, “Thank you for sending Emily and me to Ethiopia.” By putting us right here, right now, you, Tates Creek, are helping a young Sudanese minister and his family, a minister that is making a big impact in his community for the Kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for us, Gatwech, Nyaluok (his wife), and Nyatwech (their daughter).

Travis, Emily, & Clare Weeks

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