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I Love Being Part of THE CHURCH

Have you ever listened to a child tell a story? When you work with children, you get to hear very interesting tales, that may or may not be true. We hear everything about what they did the night before (and some things I don’t think parents want us to know!) We hear about birthdays that didn’t happen, or vacations they never went on. Even though the stories sometimes aren’t true, the kids manage to make all of their stories so interesting, and put in so much detail, you can’t help but smile and get caught up in their excitement.

As we are wrapping up The Story series, I look at all of the lessons we have covered and I’m so happy the children have really been able to hear a lot of different Bible stories. We gave them many interesting details but managed to keep our lessons basic enough, that with a little encouragement, their young minds are able to recall the characters and events we talked about. They might get a few details mixed up (Harry was Jesus’ mother, David knocked Samson over with his stone, etc.) but the knowledge is there. We will continue to teach the children this month about God’s love, and why they are so very special to Him and His story.

Matt Lee

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