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TCCC College Students are Making a Difference

Sitting in the youth room on a late Wednesday night listening to a team of college students committed to making their sounds of worship excellent and busy preparing for Impact, I was humbled! It’s because of great volunteers that the gospel advances and new people learn about Jesus. As ministers we get to be the up front people, but each of us know that we can’t do it alone and the reach we can have for God is limited to the number of volunteers and the commitment of those volunteers.
Few groups of volunteers, however, can have the impact that a group of college students can have. We all know they are younger and more energetic, but they also have an amazing amount of passion. To the kids they are like rock stars or superheroes. When a college student speaks or bends down to play with a child, the result is nothing short of inspiring. With all of that being said, my hat goes off this month to a long list of college students from Tates Creek Christian Church that are changing lives and sharing Jesus in their own small way from worship, to Sunday School Leader, to being part of the ministry team.
Thank you– Mason Ballard, Marlee Mirre, Aly Thompson, Nick Fugette, Josh Thompson, Jordan Moberly, Jared Young, Ali Ward, Jay Hawkins, Owen Cooper, and Darren Banks. Even though a couple of you might be college grads, you are still superheroes to the children you serve. You are like a breath of fresh air to this “old” children’s minister, and truly inspiring! I am humbled to serve alongside of each of you and many more! Keep making a difference!

Matt Lee

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