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Serve the City Report

Due to my job working second shift, I do not get the chance to do many activities, especially on Saturday. I had not heard about Serve the City before, so I looked over the sign-up sheets and saw the opportunity to give free oil changes. I enjoy doing that, so I decided it would be worth getting involved. God has a way of leading a person toward their spiritual gifts. We all met that Saturday morning, at 8:30 am, for prayer and a short lesson on the blessings of serving the homeless and addicted community.

I was introduced to Chris, who had also signed up for this service. We entered a small Mexican community and went door to door asking them if they had a need for an oil change. The language barrier was difficult even though we had an interpreter. Due to this language barrier I was introduced to a world I had not known existed. God fearing, happy, energetic parents and small children with few complaints. A few were very receptive to our offer. After the supplies were gathered we were ready to begin the work.

We were able to meet and serve many wonderful people. I met a great lady in her seventies that acted like she was thirty. There was a mother of three whose husband worked seven long days a week to support the family. The air conditioner for her house and car did not work even after they hired someone to fix it. (If anyone can help with this please contact me.) Then I spoke with a gentleman from another country about how great God is. He gave me several high fives and a hug. Another gentleman had to wait an hour and a half, but he never complained and was very grateful that we took care of his car. Chris helped a lady with a broken window on her van. He was able to remove the broken glass and secure the opening with some plastic.

We were there until about 3:30 pm that afternoon and I would have stayed longer if we had not run out of supplies. One of the organizers said we were a blessing to this community. I told her I had to disagree, they were a blessing to us. I would recommend this event to everyone, you will truly be blessed!

Kevin Hickey

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