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Sermon Outline, July 13, 2014, “The Tomb Was Empty”



Matthew 28:6

 What impact did the resurrection have on . . .

                     . . . James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas?

 Three possible explanations for the empty tomb:

 A.  Jesus was not really dead.

 B.  His body was stolen:

      *  By His Enemies.


         One Question: Why would they not have produced the lifeless body of Jesus to stop    any talk of a possible resurrection? 

      *  By His Friends.


        Three Questions:

         1.  Would these men, who were so afraid for their lives when Jesus was arrested, have the nerve to now go steal His body from the guarded tomb?


         2.  If they did try something so daring, how did they get past the guards who had been posted there to keep that very thing from happening?


         3.  If these men had actually stolen the body, and knew the resurrection was a hoax, would they have sacrificed their lives to perpetuate their false story?


 Chuck Colson’s conclusion:

The Watergate cover-up proves that twelve powerful men in modern America couldn’t keep a lie – and that twelve powerless men 2,000 years ago couldn’t have been telling anything but the truth!!!

 C.  He was raised from the dead just as He said.

     To me, that is the most logical explanation for the empty tomb!




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