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Summer Time

Well, summer is here and in full swing! Summer time is a great time for young families like mine because we get to spend so much more time together when school is out. I sometimes feel bad for the kids though, they don’t live in the country like I did when I was a kid. My parents have land, lots of shade, and a POOL! We spent every single day swimming. I also remember as a kid, summer was one of the most spiritually formational times of the year. Summer camp, VBS, time with my church friends, and Bible studies around the pool. I have such great memories.

I hope and pray that my kids have some of these same experiences. They are far more connected with church than I was at their age. I am already praying for my kids as they get older and go to church camp and CIY, that they will have amazing experiences with God.

If you are a parent of a child still living at home, don’t forget that the summer is a great time that they can focus on their faith without all the distractions that school brings. If you don’t have children still at home, maybe pray about some things you can do to help a young person along in their faith this summer. Maybe you could be a part of VBS, camp, trip, or a summer conference. Maybe you could pick a couple individual students just to pray for. Help these young people not to waste the time they have, but use it to focus on our Lord!

Mike Allen


My father was a firefighter. One of my earliest memories is my father driving the fire truck out onto the thickly ice-covered lake in Michigan where we lived so he could spray water over the ice. This created a smooth surface on which the community could ice skate. I also remember sliding down the fire pole at the fire station in New Mexico where he worked a few short years later. I guess it was from those experiences that I received my interest in such things. When I was a young man, I too, served on a volunteer fire department. Each Monday night we learned firefighting principles and techniques so that we would be equipped in the case of a fire. We would be prepared to try to protect life and property. On one such occasion, I arrived on the first truck at the scene of a house fire and a man standing outside said his uncle was still inside. Fully equipped with face mask and oxygen, fully outfitted with protective apparel, and fully trained for the job, my partner and I entered into the burning house with the firehose spraying water in front of our path. Sadly, we found the lifeless man on his couch and the house too far gone to save.
Now my father was a professional. My partner and I were simply volunteers, but just like my father, my job was to try to protect life and property so I did not hesitate to enter that burning building. Do I consider myself to be extraordinarily brave? Not in the least, but I saw the flames and I knew there was someone in danger. I understood that was my job as a firefighter. I could do nothing less.
Ray Comfort, an Australian evangelist, likened us Christians to firefighters. Trained in every way, fully equipped and commissioned for the task, yet he said we act more like bystanders. He asked what we would think of a firefighter who wouldn’t engage the fire, who simply stood back when lives were at stake and property was being destroyed. Friends, we need to see clearly the fire that is raging and the souls that are in danger. Some of us are professional and some of us are volunteers, but we are all firefighters and we need to engage the fire. That truth is expressed in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians as he says we have been saved by grace and saved to do good works. Firefighting is often a dangerous business, but how can we hesitate when souls are in danger as the fire rages?

Kim Beckwith

Sermon Outline, July 27, 2014, “Paul’s Purpose”

Paul’s Purpose

Acts 9:1-30

 Proclaim Christ Universally.

            Every person has the Same Need.

                        ~ II Chronicles 6:36; James 2:10; I John 3:4

             Jesus Christ answers the same Need for Every Person.

                        ~ I Peter 1:18-19; Acts 4:12

 Proclaim Christ Sincerely.

            Sincerity proclaims Christ Confidently.

                        ~ Ephesians 2:8; Romans 8:1-3; I John 5:13

             Sincerity proclaims Christ Simply.

                        ~ I Corinthians 15:3-4

 Proclaim Christ Zealously.

            Zeal proclaims Christ Immediately.

                        ~ Revelation 14:11

             Zeal proclaims Christ Powerfully.

                        ~ Romans 12:2; Matthew 5:13

              Zeal proclaims Christ Boldly.

                        ~ Romans 1:16; Matthew 10:32-33

TCCC College Students are Making a Difference

Sitting in the youth room on a late Wednesday night listening to a team of college students committed to making their sounds of worship excellent and busy preparing for Impact, I was humbled! It’s because of great volunteers that the gospel advances and new people learn about Jesus. As ministers we get to be the up front people, but each of us know that we can’t do it alone and the reach we can have for God is limited to the number of volunteers and the commitment of those volunteers.
Few groups of volunteers, however, can have the impact that a group of college students can have. We all know they are younger and more energetic, but they also have an amazing amount of passion. To the kids they are like rock stars or superheroes. When a college student speaks or bends down to play with a child, the result is nothing short of inspiring. With all of that being said, my hat goes off this month to a long list of college students from Tates Creek Christian Church that are changing lives and sharing Jesus in their own small way from worship, to Sunday School Leader, to being part of the ministry team.
Thank you– Mason Ballard, Marlee Mirre, Aly Thompson, Nick Fugette, Josh Thompson, Jordan Moberly, Jared Young, Ali Ward, Jay Hawkins, Owen Cooper, and Darren Banks. Even though a couple of you might be college grads, you are still superheroes to the children you serve. You are like a breath of fresh air to this “old” children’s minister, and truly inspiring! I am humbled to serve alongside of each of you and many more! Keep making a difference!

Matt Lee

Ministry is Service

One of the great things about our students here at Tates Creek Christian is that they are hungry to work in the church, to do ministry for the people around them. When asked which topics they wanted to hear more about, a number of students responded that they wanted to know how to get more involved in the church. That is an amazing statement by these teenagers, and we are just now finishing up a series on how Jesus viewed his ministry. It all starts with this:

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,
and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Mark 10:45 (ESV)

Jesus spoke these words to his disciples after they had gotten into an argument over who was the most worthy to sit at Jesus’ right hand when He came in glory. The disciples were worried over who would get all the recognition and the gratitude in the end. But Jesus didn’t see his time here as a passive reception of gratitude or blessings, rather, He actively sought out people to bless and heal. Jesus’ purpose in life was directed at this service.

The really interesting part of this verse is that the word used for “service” is also translated in other parts of the New Testament as “ministry”, especially in 2 Corinthians 5:18 and Ephesians 4:11-13. In other words, ministry is service, and service is ministry. Jesus saw both his teaching and healing ministry as one in the same, and how thankful are we that He sought us out to serve!

This is why I can encourage our students to be “ministers” today, because if anyone has a heart to serve another, they are fit for Jesus’ ministry!

Brad Haggard

Sermon Outline, July 20, 2014, “A Movement Begins”

“A Movement Begins”

Acts 1-12

 The church is a movement of Spirit-filled Christ-followers, living in community, and witnessing in faith.

  •  Fruit Stems from Abiding (Acts 1:14)
  •  Community Stems from Shared Devotion (Acts: 2:42-47)
  •  Witnessing Stems from Conviction (Acts 4:19-20)



Serve the City Report

Due to my job working second shift, I do not get the chance to do many activities, especially on Saturday. I had not heard about Serve the City before, so I looked over the sign-up sheets and saw the opportunity to give free oil changes. I enjoy doing that, so I decided it would be worth getting involved. God has a way of leading a person toward their spiritual gifts. We all met that Saturday morning, at 8:30 am, for prayer and a short lesson on the blessings of serving the homeless and addicted community.

I was introduced to Chris, who had also signed up for this service. We entered a small Mexican community and went door to door asking them if they had a need for an oil change. The language barrier was difficult even though we had an interpreter. Due to this language barrier I was introduced to a world I had not known existed. God fearing, happy, energetic parents and small children with few complaints. A few were very receptive to our offer. After the supplies were gathered we were ready to begin the work.

We were able to meet and serve many wonderful people. I met a great lady in her seventies that acted like she was thirty. There was a mother of three whose husband worked seven long days a week to support the family. The air conditioner for her house and car did not work even after they hired someone to fix it. (If anyone can help with this please contact me.) Then I spoke with a gentleman from another country about how great God is. He gave me several high fives and a hug. Another gentleman had to wait an hour and a half, but he never complained and was very grateful that we took care of his car. Chris helped a lady with a broken window on her van. He was able to remove the broken glass and secure the opening with some plastic.

We were there until about 3:30 pm that afternoon and I would have stayed longer if we had not run out of supplies. One of the organizers said we were a blessing to this community. I told her I had to disagree, they were a blessing to us. I would recommend this event to everyone, you will truly be blessed!

Kevin Hickey

Constantly Seeking

If you would have asked me, right after high school where I would be in four years, interning at Tates Creek Christian Church would not have been on my radar. June 1, 2014 was my first Sunday, which happened to be graduation Sunday. As I started thinking about my graduation Sunday, I remember who was there, the people who congratulated me, and I remember what was on the screen telling what I desired to be when I “grew up.” I remember being there just four years ago. However, six months past that point I forgot that Jesus is what matters most in life.

When I started college, I quickly fell into the “American Dream” where I desired to become a
“self-made” man. I fell into self-idolatry, arrogantly thinking the places I’d been and the places I wanted to go were going to be feats that I conquered by myself. But God got a hold of me. Then I realized that nothing mattered more than living for Christ Jesus. The Apostle Paul talks in Philippians about how he counts everything, including the greatest gains of the flesh, rubbish compared to knowing Christ Jesus. So I just want to remind the recent high school and college graduates, as well as everyone else, that the world gives us lots of options. Options look satisfying, but in the end, they all fail in comparison. Therefore, strive to seek Jesus earnestly every day.

The author of Hebrews said this in Hebrews 12:1-2, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

There will be different distractions that will get in our way, but don’t lose sight of the one who gave us hope and life. Never lose sight of that.

Kyle Knarr

Sermon Outline, July 13, 2014, “The Tomb Was Empty”



Matthew 28:6

 What impact did the resurrection have on . . .

                     . . . James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas?

 Three possible explanations for the empty tomb:

 A.  Jesus was not really dead.

 B.  His body was stolen:

      *  By His Enemies.


         One Question: Why would they not have produced the lifeless body of Jesus to stop    any talk of a possible resurrection? 

      *  By His Friends.


        Three Questions:

         1.  Would these men, who were so afraid for their lives when Jesus was arrested, have the nerve to now go steal His body from the guarded tomb?


         2.  If they did try something so daring, how did they get past the guards who had been posted there to keep that very thing from happening?


         3.  If these men had actually stolen the body, and knew the resurrection was a hoax, would they have sacrificed their lives to perpetuate their false story?


 Chuck Colson’s conclusion:

The Watergate cover-up proves that twelve powerful men in modern America couldn’t keep a lie – and that twelve powerless men 2,000 years ago couldn’t have been telling anything but the truth!!!

 C.  He was raised from the dead just as He said.

     To me, that is the most logical explanation for the empty tomb!




Learning from History

I love American history and enjoy visiting historical sites throughout our nation. A few years ago, we took our children, Elizabeth and Joel, through the state of Virginia visiting
historical sites of the Civil War. Needless to say, even though we enjoyed the wonderful water park located in Williamsburg, we overdosed our children on history that summer. One of the historical places that I have longed to visit was Abraham Lincoln’s tomb. A few weeks ago, the opportunity to visit Lincoln’s grave arose.
We drove to Springfield, Illinois, for the wedding of one of our college students, Chace Conrad. On Saturday morning, after I went over the sermon for Sunday morning, we drove to Oak Ridge Cemetery where Abraham Lincoln is buried. Lincoln has always been my favorite president. I read a great book about Lincoln called, With Malice Toward None, by Stephen B. Oates. When you enter Lincoln’s tomb, there is a solemnity about that hallowed place that is surreal. The room where Lincoln is buried also contains the crypts where his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of their four sons are buried. His son, Robert Todd Lincoln, is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. In the burial room of Lincoln’s tomb, there are nine flags. From left to right, the first flag is our national flag. The next four flags represent the states where Lincoln’s ancestors lived before they came to Kentucky. Those states are Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The next three flags represent the states where Lincoln lived beginning with Kentucky, then Indiana, and finally, Illinois. The last flag is the Presidential flag. In the burial room there is a large marble stone that sits thirty inches in front of the place where Lincoln is buried. His casket lies ten feet below the surface of the marble floor. As I left Lincoln’s tomb, I did so with an even greater appreciation and love for our country.
As the month of July approaches, we celebrate the birthday of our country, July 4! How will we celebrate the history of our nation? Will we celebrate with parties and fireworks? Will we celebrate with thanksgiving to our Lord for this nation? Romans 13:1 says, “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” The history of our nation is another example of God’s great providence and how He interacts with the ongoing history of the world.

Tommy Simpson

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