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Marlee Mirre is Making a Difference

In the past 4 years it has been a great privilege to serve with Marlee Mirre. In Uptown she has served in nearly every role possible from worship leader to Sunday School teacher. Each year she has co-led the Impact worship with Mason Ballard and Elizabeth Critchfield. Her service and dedication to the children of Tates Creek has gone past this into fellowship events, lock-ins, and egg hunts. Later this summer, Marlee is taking her biggest leap of faith as she joins the team headed to Liberia. For one week she will love on, spend time with, and invest her life into the children of the AFAA house orphanage, but that’s not all. Marlee has a passion and desire to connect the kids of Liberia with kids in our public school partner Julius Marks Elementary. She is working hard to build a “pen pal” partnership with another Liberia team member and 2nd grade teacher, Cathy Cook.

Serving children and others of all ages is so much a part of Marlee’s life, she is planning to make a career out of it. She is studying at UK to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker while working in the Mother/Baby Unit at Baptist Health hospital.

Please take a moment to pray for Marlee as she prepares for this huge trip to Liberia, and as she continues her studies at UK. If you see her around Tates Creek, make sure she knows she is making a difference!

Matt Lee

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