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Balance is Upset

Life in Addis is starting to become more routine and predictable for us. Heavy emphasis on “more” because when you are adjusting to a new country and culture you start at the bottom of the “predictability” scale and slowly work your way up. That being said, we saw something the other day that shook us from our current state of homeostasis.
This past Sunday we spent the morning worshipping with our house church, and on our way home, as we were driving back into the city, we saw a woman get hit by a car.
My mind replays the image of her body being thrown into the median, her dazed face of confusion as she tried to lift herself up off the ground, the driver and passengers running out to her, the crowd forming, and the driver hastily putting her in the van and driving off to, I’m assuming, the closest hospital. Travis and I pulled our car over, to watch to see what would unfold and if/how we could help. But we have no medical training, so besides having a car we did not know what we could do to help. We watched helplessly as several lives unraveled.
In a blink of an eye, we can only assume that both the woman who was hit and the van driver’s lives were changed forever. Only 5 minutes after the accident the street was empty and the crowd dispersed. All signs that a terrible event had just occurred were gone.
However, instead of being completely swallowed up by the stress and fear of driving here, we are trying to allow what we have seen to make us more mindful of how precious the lives are around us. Each life has been miraculously woven together by God’s own hand because he willed it and he loves us. I pray we can see the image of God in each pedestrian, taxi driver, and bicyclist we pass as we drive down the road. God help us.

Travis, Emily, & Clare Weeks

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