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A Loving Father

He never met a stranger. That was Jerry Foley, a devoted Christian, husband, father, and grandfather. He wasn’t a fancy person and had a very humble, loving, and gentle spirit. He loved the Lord and lived accordingly. He raised our children in a Christian home where he was the head of the household.
He always had time for our children, Jennifer and Jeffrey. Through the years, he spent many afternoons around the baseball field teaching them how to play and enjoying the game with them. He would often pitch to them for batting practice. Jerry helped coach many of the teams they played on, and made such an impression on the other kids that even after all these years, several returned to pay their respects at his funeral.
Jerry had a love for trains since childhood. Occasionally, we would take an excursion on the grand old steam trains. Sometimes Uncle Marion and Aunt Ruby Eldridge would accompany us on those trips. He loved family outings and looked forward to summer vacations to the beach and long weekend trips with the family, before and after the two grandsons (Owen Cooper and Ethan Foley) came along. They held a special place in his heart. Over the years, he had built a large toy train layout. The three of them would run the trains, but not before donning their railroad hats (made especially for them) to take the journey around the tracks. A strange yet fitting thing happened during his internment at the Cemetery. As Brother Tommy Simpson was having the closing prayer, a train whistle blew three times in the distance, as if to say, “Welcome home thou good and faithful servant”.
He was such a blessing to me. I have always felt in my heart that our being together was the work of our Lord, through his servant Brother Wayne Smith, fifty-five years ago for which I am and will forever be grateful. There was never a finer example of a Christian, husband, father, and grandfather than Jerry Foley. He was truly a Christian gentleman.

Geraldine Foley

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