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Loving Christ’s Church

Ephesians 5:25 says, “Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” I love the Lord’s Church! This love for the church began when I was a small boy growing up in the Antioch Church of Christ in Keefer, Kentucky. I have so many wonderful memories growing up in this country church. This rural church used the piano in worship. Brother Bachman was our preacher, and his wife, Mrs. Bachman, played the piano. She could make that piano sing! She played with lots of energy! So therefore, our worship services were full of energy, joy, and great singing! Two choir lofts were on either side of the pulpit. The choir loft on the right was for the adult choir; the one on the left was for the children’s choir. Both choirs were always full and usually sang a special song every Sunday.
While there was one adult Sunday School class that met in the auditorium, the children’s Sunday School Classes were in the basement. I had great Sunday School teachers. These teachers made the stories of the Bible come to life. For that reason, I love Sunday School, too.
I have always loved church; going to church, singing, listening to the sermon, serving, or whatever there was to do in church. Both of my parents instilled this great love for church in me. Since the month of June recognizes Father’s Day, I fondly remember that my Dad loved church. He always sang in the choir. He served as a deacon, a Sunday school teacher, Sunday School Superintendent, and was always helping to do whatever needed to be done. He was a very generous giver too! Our family was greatly blessed with his spiritual leadership.
It is for sure that Jesus Christ loves His Church. He certainly demonstrated His love for His Church by giving His life for His Church! Do we love our Lord’s Church? Are we faithful to the worship services and to our Sunday school class and/or small group? Do we participate in the worship services? I remember one time as a boy just sitting in the worship service ~ Dad tagged me on the shoulder and said, “Sing!” I have been singing ever since. Do we spend time in at least one area of service? Do we speak positively of the church? Do we pray for the church? My Dad left a great legacy of loving our Lord’s Church. What legacy are we leaving?

Tommy Simpson

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