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First Six Months

Six months!? Emily and I have been in Ethiopia for six months and, oh my, what a busy six months it has been! We’re constantly amazed at how God provides for us at every step of the way. Through His people, God has provided us the resources we need to live and work here, with knowledge to navigate a new place, with wonderful teammates and friends, and life-giving, fulfilling work.
We give thanks to God for the grace and provisions that have carried us through these crucial first few months. Our biggest task, so far, has been learning as much Amharic (the main language spoken in Ethiopia) and building as many relationships as we can. And, so far, everything has been right on track. (In fact, we just passed our most recent exam and are officially in “Phase 3” of our language program. I know that doesn’t mean anything to y’all, but it’s a big deal for us).
In the last six months. We have…
• Moved twice…and we couldn’t be more thankful for the home we are in.
• Secured our work permits! Woo Hoo! This was a long, complicated process and we’re so happy it’s complete because without work permits we can’t continue ministry in Ethiopia!
• Made two visits to Nekempte to meet with key church leaders (Nekempte is the city we’ll eventually be stationed in after our year of language study).
• Preached at a conference where over a hundred leaders from the churches we’re working with gathered for three days of worship, fellowship, and teaching.
We were also thrilled to have Dan and Sue Burton back in Ethiopia for the conference! Dan and Sue used to be on the CMF team in Ethiopia and were Tates Creek’s first Living Link missionaries! Emily and I felt fortunate to get to spend some time with them while they were here. They have a lot of wisdom and experience to share!
We’re so thankful for Tates Creek! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your care and support. And thank you for the facebook notes and for the cards that have made it all the way over here! The Kingdom of God is changing whole communities over here. There are churches in villages now where, a year ago, people hadn’t heard about Jesus. Y’all are making this work possible!

Travis, Emily, & Clare Weeks

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