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A Lost and Dying World

In last month’s article I wrote of how we don’t consider our Christian life here in America to be a particularly dangerous one. We have experienced safety and security, and have enjoyed comfort and acceptance afforded by our nations undeniable Christian roots for over 200 years. Those who have aspired to seek political office, both on the local level and national level, have historically tried to align themselves with the church in order to find the widespread support needed for their cause. Our society historically counted on the church to be a positive influence in our communities by stressing a strong moral fabric in its populace, and in so doing making our cities a safe and wholesome place to raise a family. The marketplace, too, has depended on the church to keep the scales honest and the worker treated with dignity. Do you remember that America? I do, but I see it fast disappearing, and a recent occurrence just illustrated how far we’ve fallen. Focus on the Family has produced a mainline movie scheduled to hold a one night showing in theaters across America. The title of the movie is “Irreplaceable” and it examines the impact of the declining American family because of the redefining of the God-given design for it. The problem is, there are those who are determined that to even discuss the issue is hate speech and have threatened theaters planning on showing the movie. Of course, many theaters are now considering not showing it. Again, historically, loving the truth and being guided by a strong moral compass was a positive attribute, but today it is considered to be hateful attitude. Perhaps we should begin to realize we have counted on the safety of an earthly government when we should have been leaning on the everlasting arms of our heavenly father. Ancient Israel did that when it looked to Egypt for its help rather than God. It is indeed often sad to see the state of this great country, but whether it remains accepting of the Church and its influence or opposes it, the fact that our help comes from the Lord does not change. So also we should remember that loving truth and clinging to goodness may be hate speech to some, but it is in reality the only loving thing we can do to help a lost and dying world.

Kim Beckwith

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