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A Loving Mother

Did you ever sit back and watch someone live a life truly honoring God and family? I did. And, I marveled all the way. I observed my wife’s life as mother to three wonderful children.
It began with a young woman having a great big heart full of love for her God and a lifestyle of gentleness, kindness, and compassion. Seemingly little things come to mind. When the kids were babies she was always singing and humming. As they grew into toddlers and early school age, she began to read them Bible stories. She taught them songs and choruses about Jesus. She danced with them; played games with them; they always saw and felt her love. She was tender, providing comfort with caresses and soft kisses. She taught the kids to love each other as she loved them. They do so to this very day. How gentle, how kind!
It was as if she was operating with a plan from God, Himself. As the kids grew and matured, I could see her stress how important God was to her and to the family. She encouraged the kids to explore new and exciting interests. She praised them when they performed well and gave them encouragement when they faltered. She allowed them to fly on their own wings. She believed in them; knew they were a gift from God; dedicated herself to demonstrating the unconditional love similar to that of God. Oh, she demanded obedience and punished them when they deserved it. But it was always tempered with love. The kids are grown now. I see the same qualities in them that I saw in their mother. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
She now has a dementia disease. She is lost in the recesses of her mind most of the time. Occasionally, though, smiles cross her beautiful face. I wonder if deep in her mind she is remembering her special love and time with her kids. I sure hope so.
Her favorite scripture is Isaiah 40:31. But, verses leading up to this describe her source of strength for Motherhood. A great kind, compassionate, loving Mother.

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