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Effective Mothers

As we anticipate the month of May, we look forward to Mother’s Day, May 11. Mothers and Grandmothers wield tremendous influence upon the hearts of their children. The familiar proverb says, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” We find so many examples of that wisdom in the Bible as we are making our way through The Story. Following the reign of King Solomon, the nation of Israel separated into the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Every king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel was evil; every single one of them. What about the kings of Judah? Some of those kings were good, and some were bad. One of the major determining factors of whether the king’s heart was good or bad was usually determined by the heart of his mother. What is interesting in reading through the kings of Judah is that the text states the name of their mothers. If his mother was good, then he was good. But if his mother was bad, then he was usually bad. Sometimes, the text states the name of the grandmother.
I have been abundantly blessed with a godly mother and godly grandmothers. Even though my Dad’s Mom had sixteen children, she was determined to raise her children to know the Lord. Every child went to church. One of the things I remember about Dad is how he spoke so fondly and affectionately about his Mom. He loved her so. When Dad was growing up, churches had revivals that lasted two weeks. At the same time the church had revival, they also had Vacation Bible School. Bible School was in the morning, and revival was in the evening. Dad said they never missed going to Bible School or revival. In addition to going, his Mom also taught a class in Bible School. That seems like a lot for a Mom with sixteen children. Even though my Mom’s Mom had ten children, she too was determined to raise her children to know the Lord. One of my favorite memories growing up in church was sitting beside my Grandma Colson during the worship service. We always sat in the second pew from the front on the inside aisle. I will always be thankful for my godly Mom and my godly Grandmothers. What precious gifts from the Lord!
Moms, are we determined to raise our children to know the Lord? Are we determined to teach our children the Bible?

Tommy Simpson

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