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Weeks in Ethiopia

This past weekend, Travis, Clare, and I made our first trip to Nekempte since moving to Ethiopia. The occasion, we’ve got to have those work permit papers signed so we can stay legal! Travis and I were both excited about the trip…finally we get to go see the city where we will eventually make our home. Yes, we’ve been there before, but 24 hours, two years ago, hardly counts. So we made our way down to Nekempte on a beautiful, newly paved, winding road. It is dry season here, but the land and the farms still amazed us with their beauty.
We finally arrived at 8:30 in the evening, hoping to meet Negatu and Dhaba for dinner. Negatu and Dhaba are the church leaders in Nekempte who are signing our paperwork for our work permits. They are telling the Ethiopian government that we are here to provide a service to the church that cannot be filled by an Ethiopian. They believe that our seminary education and development training can help the church both in biblical training and with income generating projects. We feel the weight of responsibility- both to God and to this church- to be faithful, work hard, and do our part.
In the end, we did share a meal (even though it was late), Negatu signed our paperwork, and we spent the night at the church, because there was no room in the inn…or any inn for that matter. We also remembered something very important–we are not just here to give, we are here to receive. The church here has a lot to teach us and so much love, hospitality and friendship to extend to us…all we have to do is open our hearts and our hands.
We love and miss you all. Please keep us and the ministry here in your prayers.

Travis, Emily, & Clare Weeks

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