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Willing Volunteers Make a Difference

Over the past three months I have been humbled and greatly blessed by amazing and willing volunteers in the Elementary Ministry! What do you do as the leader in children’s ministry when Sunday or a special event is coming quickly and as the leader you can’t be present? Do you cancel the special event, make plans for family Sunday, or put your trust into the hands of incredible volunteers? At Tates Creek Christian Church we do option 3. Here is the story…
On Christmas Day, my wife’s grandmother passed away. Within minutes the normal Sunday schedule changed leaders and never skipped a beat. Volunteers like Pam Bolt, Mary Beth Long, Ellie Mullins, and Aly Thompson along with the always faithful team already scheduled took over!
Then, the day before Valentine’s Day I came down with a 48 hour flu followed by bronchitis. Again, on Sunday the team took over and the children experienced worship, Bible story, Sunday School, and fellowship like normal!
Finally, the last Sunday of February brought the passing of my grandfather while an Elementary Movie Night was planned that coming Friday. For a moment it was considered to postpone the event until Erika Hranicky, Larry and Brenda Critchfield, Barbara Slusher, Stephanie Wheeler, Brad Wheeler, Darren Banks, Marlee Mirre, Kaitlyn Long, and MacKenzie Mirre took over. When my family came to the event on Friday (just a few hours after my grandfather’s graveside service) we became part of the crowd of kids while the team continued leading.
To the many people who serve in children’s ministry with a willing, ready, and flexible heart I want to say thank you! You make a difference in every child’s life, but in the past three months you have richly blessed this children’s minister! I believe I serve with the best group of servants in children’s ministry and love to watch you grow as you serve!
If you ever want to see this team in action, want to be part of the growing group of volunteers in children’s ministry, OR want to know more come see me in Uptown sometime! You will quickly agree with me… willing volunteers make a difference!!

Matt Lee

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