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Living Dangerously

On our recent trip to the mission in Austria we were inundated with the news about what was going on in Kiev. Being on the same continent, in fact being within almost a day’s drive of where the unrest and violence was happening, made it all the more real. Though we were never close to the danger, Peter Penner was making plans to go to Kiev during the height of the conflict. Peter is on staff with the mission as an administrator and teacher. Most of us from the states were concerned with Peter’s plans to go to such a place where danger abounds, but for Peter it was nothing unusual. You see everyone who is a Christian in that part of the world, as well as many other places, lives a life of danger. Peter was going there to meet with other Christian leaders to discuss how to better evangelize Eastern Europe and Central Asia. After thinking about it for some time I came to the conclusion that it is our concern with danger here in the American church that keeps us from going or doing what might make us a little uncomfortable. It was Peter’s belief that the cause of Christ is worth the danger. I was humbled by that attitude. I was also convicted with the understanding that my seeking safety rather than sharing the Gospel, which might be uncomfortable or even dangerous for me, is making the decision that I deserve safety while others are in danger of being lost. I’m convinced that we all need to live a little more dangerously so that those who are in danger might find the hope of salvation.

Kim Beckwith

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