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Kent Mason Makes a Difference for Children

In the spring of 2012, Kent Mason had an idea. He wanted to use his skills and passions to help at the local school. The school had mentioned the idea of a garden and some grant money to work on a “green project.” When Kent heard this was an option, he knew where he was going to serve. In fact he even designed the layout of the garden with the plants that were needed. He quickly began contacting local garden clubs, UK, and a few friends. He also helped gather the tools, volunteers, and equipment needed. He arranged for the new dirt and mulch to be delivered. Unfortunately, the week going into the garden project he took a hard fall from a ladder. If you know Kent though, that didn’t stop him from showing up and doing what he could even with a broken jaw.
After the garden was planted, Kent met with a few classes and shared his passion for gardening with them while encouraging them to plant their own flowers.
Behind the scenes for the past two years, Kent and his wife Sarah have been going to the garden at the school on their own time. Together they have spent countless hours planting, digging up weeds, and cleaning up the area he had designed two years ago.
Now in its third year, the garden will be planted and cared for by some of the youngest members of the JME community. Starting in March, Kent will be planting the seeds with the entire first grade. They will begin with seeds in cups to grow inside. Then, when the flowers have grown, he will lead the children in planting their flowers in the larger garden. The young children will also assist Kent in pulling weeds and keeping the garden clean as they learn to care for the garden.
Along with the garden project, Kent does a lot of extra effort things with the children in Uptown. The biggest part comes also in the spring when he helps the Uptown kids plant and grow their own flowers for Mother’s Day. During this time we also help the children see how their faith is like a small seed that continues to grow into what God has planned.
We are always thankful for people like Kent that give of their time willingly to help the children grow closer to Jesus. Thanks Kent for all you do in service and in love!

Matt Lee

A View on Suicide

After reading through a recent article by one of my professors, Dr. Jack Cottrell, I decided to write about the following subject. Several years ago, I received a phone call from a young man strongly considering suicide. I raced to the park where he was and, with our Lord’s help, talked him out of that option. Too many times, even once is too many, I am contacted after the fact. Suicide leaves so many questions for family and friends, even if a note was left. Many Christians have very strong opinions and views about suicide. I am sure the view that I share will meet with strong disagreement. I believe that for the Christian, who out of great desperation chooses the option of suicide, there is forgiveness. Many Christians believe that suicide is an unforgiveable sin because of I John 1:9. This text states, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (NASB). The reason many Christians believe that suicide is unforgiveable is because the person who commits suicide does not have time to ask God to forgive them for their sin. Suicide is a sin; it is a selfish act; it is self-murder. However, I John 1:9 does not mean that we have to be able to ask God for the forgiveness of our sins before we die. I John 1:9 refers to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Notice ~ I John 1:7 says, “But if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin” (NASB). This verse helps us with the context of the passage, those who are in a relationship with Jesus Christ experience the forgiveness of sins because of the blood of Jesus Christ. So, for the Christian who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness of sin. Committing the sin of suicide before dying and committing any other sin before dying without asking God for forgiveness is no different. Sometimes, Christians are in an argument before they die, or they may be in a car wreck that was their fault for reckless driving. Committing a sin does not separate us from the grace of God. Persistence in sin is apostasy, and that will separate us from God’s grace. But, an individual act of sin does not separate us from God’s grace. To say that we have to ask God for forgiveness for every single sin before we die is being legalistic. People who consider suicide need help, but not the threat of condemnation. If a Christian has committed suicide out of desperation, we sorrow, but not as those without Jesus.

Tommy Simpson

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