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The Goal of Discipleship

No, I’m not talking about the city in Nebraska. (Sorry Rich and Bev Cary!) Nor am I talking about Omaha Steaks. “Omaha! Omaha!” is the familiar “audible” that quarterback Peyton Manning calls at the line of scrimmage often during his NFL football games. A quarterback “audibles” when he decides he needs to change the plan to be effective. I am calling an audible.

This year, I had planned to use a collection of articles to give tips on leading an effective Bible study, and if you are still interested in that information, please let me know and I can get it to you. However, I believe that there are some broader, deeper, and more personal discussions that should take place in this space—and I want us to take advantage of that together to be most effective.
This month, I want to ask the question, “What is the ultimate goal of discipleship?” For some, discipleship is equated with classroom and book-learning. However, as I heard one person say recently, “Going to Sunday School doesn’t make us any more a disciple than being in a garage makes us a car.” In short, having the knowledge or just showing up on Sunday doesn’t make us a disciple. It is having the knowledge and living it out. It’s the tried and true message of Matthew 7:24-27, James 1:22-25, John 14:23, 1 Samuel 15:22, and many other passages. It is living in obedience to our Lord.
If we are following in obedience to our Lord, then we are not only concerned with being a disciple, but also intent on making more disciples. One of Jesus’ most
clear commands is the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20, instructing us in our responsibility to make disciples of all nations. Evangelism and Discipleship are not two separate issues. Evangelism is a natural outgrowth of lives lived in total obedience to the King.
So let’s challenge ourselves with this question today, “As a disciple, am I producing other disciples that produce disciples?” And leaders, “Are we equipping those in the groups we lead with the practical resources and opportunities to do so?” Or do we need to call an “audible”?

Nic Skinner

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