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Winter Blues?

Do you get the “winter blues?” Winter is usually my favorite season. I love snow and cold temperatures. I love to be snuggled up with family and big fuzzy blankets. This winter though, I have been in the house a bit more than usual (young infants don’t need to be out in the polar vortex!) It has caused me to be a bit down and tired.

I came into Critterland on a recent Sunday with the normal expectations of the day—get lessons and crafts set up, prepare Jesus in the Park, and be ready for boundless energy and mini Houdini-like escape attempts. What I didn’t prepare for is how much I would be affected by the day. By the end of the morning I was exhausted, but I felt so much better, spiritually and mentally. The children didn’t care that they had been inside. The enthusiasm they have for learning God’s stories is so amazing, and to hear them shout out the answers to our questions with such excitement is heartwarming. I love knowing what we are doing is making an impact on their minds, and that they are “getting it.” If you are feeling a bit drained by the weather, I encourage you to stop by Critterland. Sometimes it isn’t just the children who benefit from Sunday mornings.

Lesley Tipton

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