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What is Your Story?

As we are working through The Story as a church, the middle school and high school have looked into how our personal stories are challenged by the stories in the Bible. Maybe this is the most important thing that happens to us as we read scripture. The more we read and open up to God’s Spirit, the more we begin to see things as God intends.
In the first week of the series, our high school group looked at the story of Jesus meeting the woman at Jacob’s Well in John 4. The woman’s negative view of herself was completely changed by her encounter with Jesus. The woman who shied away from her village in shame sought out people to tell about the Messiah!
But it wasn’t only the woman whose story changed. The people in the village, who before had shut her out of society, now believed her when she told them about Jesus (John 4:39). The disciples even had to change the way they thought about ministry when Jesus explained to them that the fields were ready for the harvest (4:31-38). All of them had their eyes opened to a new way of looking at the world because of what Jesus did on that day.
The amazing thing about the stories in the Bible is that they can challenge us on different levels. At one point we may identify with the shamed woman, the judgmental townspeople, or even have our eyes opened to the harvest, like the disciples.
For a few students, the story is already changing their view and challenging them to save up to help build a clean water well for a rural village in Africa. God’s story is powerful, and I’m excited to see how the lives and personal stories of our students are changed through reading The Story.

Brad Haggard

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