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People Who Serve Children Make a Difference

“There is no better place to serve than the public school, and it seems to me that if a public school wants Christian people, then Christian people should go serve in the school.” Ron Collins

Ron Collins has a passion to help people learn to read. Starting as a boy, he watched his parents struggle with the ability to read. During his career, he helped a young man receive the proper education in reading so he could read his Bible. After Ron retired, he met Fred Mitchell at the Bluegrass Christian Men’s Fellowship. It was at this meeting that Ron realized he could really make a difference during retirement. Mr. Mitchell was looking for someone to help the children at Russell Cave Elementary learn to read. Ron took a step of faith, volunteered his time and energy, and God made things happen. Soon, they had collected more than 2,000 books for a library, gathered volunteers, and created a program called, “Kids Reading Better.” The program is now titled, “Ron A. Collins Reading Program,” and serves 45 children.
Two years later, Julius Marks Elementary opened the door for a partnership with TCCC, and Ron had two connections. He had a passion to help kids read and his daughter was a secretary at the school. At JME he is known as Mr. C. Every week he serves 3 hours on Tuesdays with a variety of children from all walks of life. He shares his other passions of poetry and painting with the children and staff. He has fun joking with the kids and loves listening to the children read. His greatest joy is when a child works hard and makes progress. At 79 years old, Mr. C. has some advice for others…
“Kids are starved for love. They are starved for men in their lives. It is a great way for men to give back… As long as you are able to function you should at least try. You may not like it. You may want to change it. But you have to at least try.”
It’s the same challenge he gives the kids he works with each week. You have to at least try. Ron Collins isn’t just trying, he is faithfully making a difference, because he knows that people who serve children make a difference.

Matt Lee

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