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Syversons Here!


Greg and Vicki Syverson, our missionaries in Pachuca, Mexico, and their two sons, Benjamin (9) and Matthew (7), are in the states on furlough. They will be sharing about their ministry in Pachuca with the TCCC family during January and February while living in the TCCC mission house.

Greg and Vicki have lived and ministered in Pachuca, a city of 1.5 million, since 2002. They began by working alongside a local church to reach out into an impoverished community. In 2009 they planted Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Vida (New Life Christian Church) in that community, working together with a team of national leaders. They started with 14 people on their first Sunday and have grown to 130 regularly attending on Sundays, with more attending in their weekly cell groups that meet in homes. Greg and Vicki felt God leading them toward a strong emphasis on prayer, and through the power of prayer they have seen God do amazing things in the church and community. The members are active in outreach and serving. Young people are being trained and sent out to other countries as missionaries. Several new leaders are being trained to lead cell groups and other outreach ministries. The church is continuing to grow and has expanded the current meeting space.

In August 2013, New Life Christian Church was turned over completely to national leadership. Now, Greg and Vicki are preparing to return to Pachuca in mid-2014 to train more leaders to plant additional churches in and around Pachuca, as well as other parts of Mexico.

While the Syversons are with us be sure to get to know them and learn about the work they are doing in God’s Kingdom.

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